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Into the Unknown! Making Big Choices and Life Changes Part 2: A Song of Ambivalence and Uncertainty

Part 1 of this post about making big choices covered some key basics on the how-to’s of decision-making. Here in Part 2, Dr. Maryann Joseph invites us to come along for a deeper dive down into more process-level help for getting closer to a decision when we feel really stuck. 


Our kids practice setting boundaries with us from a young age, to assert themselves through stages of growing independence, and also to learn what limits will be respected based on how we react. These transition times can be scary for parents, as we struggle with feelings of inadequacy,  loss or rejection. But when we handle […]

Pressure To Be Productive During The Pandemic And What To Do About It

Feeling overwhelmed by pressure to be more pandemic-productive? You’re not alone. Longer isolation has meant more time spent on social media and more blurring of home/work life boundaries, resulting in mounting pressure to be ever more performative and compounding stressors in an already challenging time. Dr. Zhen Xu shares strategies for now, for how to counter those pressures and take care of you.

REAL help for teens struggling with eating, activity or body image

As parents, we want our kids to be healthy, body and mind, but sometimes we feel like we have little control or influence. We want them to learn how to take care of themselves in a healthy way, without developing an unhealthy preoccupation with their eating or body image. So, how can we help our teens?

You Are More Than What You Eat

Some attention to how we eat and where our food comes from can have positive effects on our physical and mental health. Cross that optimal level of stress, however, and preoccupation with the quality of food can start to feel all-consuming. 

That Moment When You Don’t Like Your Therapist

You’ve been building up to going to therapy for a while. It feels scary, and you’re apprehensive at first but the first couple of sessions go OK; your therapist seems to understand you and it feels good. But then, over the next couple of sessions, you start to get the feeling that they don’t really get it… what’s going on, and what happens next?

If Your Relationship with Food Wasn’t Complicated Enough…

We know that eating disorders grow out of different factors – biological, emotional, social, and cultural – and the effects of the pandemic, like increased uncertainty or isolation, might increase vulnerability. So it’s all the more important to name and validate what is new and scary, while finding adaptive ways to cope.

Into the Unknown! Making Big Choices and Life Changes Part 1: Basic Decision-Making Strategies

Making life’s Big Decisions can be overwhelming, but we can start with smaller steps that will help us build better strategies and use our self-awareness to achieve meaningful change.

Les vacances, ou l’art de se permettre d’arrêter (même en temps de pandémie)

Les bienfaits des vacances et du repos ne sont plus à démontrer sur la santé physique et mentale. Pourtant, dans les faits, c’est un tout autre défi de s’arrêter pour plusieurs d’entre nous! Et cela semble d’autant plus vrai dans ce contexte de pandémie! L’observation de soi, le non-jugement et le respect de soi peuvent aider à se permettre d’arrêter.

Two Invaluable Lessons I Learned As A Therapist

In recent months most of us have experienced an unprecedented amount of upheaval, and although it has happened that a client shares something that I have personally experienced, it is the first time that we have gone through such experiences “together”. Surprisingly, part of what has allowed me to get through these trying times is the work I do with them. Unbeknownst to them, my clients have taught me two important lessons. 

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