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Habits and Motivation

Renegotiating Personal Boundaries in a Post-COVID 19 World

Amy Gregory's insightful blog takes a look at the ways in which easing of restrictions after the long period of enforced Covid-19 related social regulation had many of us struggling to rewrite, or even to remember, how to negotiate and maintain personal boundaries for ourselves.
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I Want To Change….I Think!? A Brief Exploration of Ambivalence

Ambivalence can make us feel torn between opposing thoughts or feelings. In the context of therapy, this is SO normal, but the experience can be preoccupying and exhausting!
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"Why" text on sign

Less What, More Why

The practice of pausing and asking ourselves why may help us to get in touch with our underlying motivations, so that we can make more informed decisions.
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Du choix du repas au choix de carrière, du choix des vêtements le matin au désir d’avoir des enfants, des activités à faire dans la fin de semaine à une décision médicale… la vie est ponctuée d’un enchaînement continu de choix à faire, de décisions à prendre. Parfois, le fait de faire un choix peut...
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jar with words "go for it"

Want To Change The World? Start By Connecting To You: Part 3

Part 3 of a 3-part series: after identifying your WHOs and your WHATs in parts 1 and 2 of this series on self-care, learn the HOWs of self-care in this final post.
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Want To Change The World? Start By Connecting To You: Part 2

Part 2 of a 3-part series: in this post, connect to your WHOs and your WHATs for self-care.
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How To Recognize If Substance Use Is A Problem For You: The Role Of Personality And Coping

This blog post explores the link between personality and substance abuse. A better understanding of that dynamic may mean better ways to recognize and overcome barriers to treatments.
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Wake up. Kick ass. Repeat

Blog Swap – Dream Big: How To Set New Year’s Resolutions And Keep Them

Read Dr. Jessamy Hibberd's top tips for making and keeping NYRs (New Year Resolutions)!
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Love who you are

Want To Change The World? Start By Connecting To You

Self-care is not selfish, it's "putting your oxygen mask on first". Start connecting to your WHYs, your WHATs and your WHOs for self-care.
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choose joy

Want To Maximize Your Potential? Get Happier!

Does success lead to happiness, or does happiness lead to success? What do you think? In this post, read about 7 principles that can increase our happiness.
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