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A message from our team

As humans, we all have our unique life experiences that shape who we are. We all struggle (even psychologists) and know how hard it can be to change. We’re here to help. We are a devoted team who will work right there with you, helping you to thrive.
Our strength is in our people. Each of us has developed our personal expertise based on our studies, skills, and experiences. We’re a community of life-long learners who believe that mental health, like physical health, takes a tailored approach and involves daily practices that you can maintain over a lifetime. For that to happen, we have created a space that is collaborative, warm and judgement-free to promote self-discovery and growth. We offer a variety of services, including individual and couples’ sessions, workshops, as well as virtual therapy to best help meet your needs.

Meet Us

Adrianne Pauzé, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist

Eating disorders and body image
Anxiety and OCD
Depression, burnout

Alissa Rubinfeld, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist (on leave)

Eating disorders and body image
Anxiety and Depression
Transitions of adolescence and young adulthood

Amanda Plokar, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist

Adolescents and young adults
Depression and anxiety disorders
Self-harm, emotion regulation, self-esteem, interpersonal difficulties

Amber Labow, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist

Eating disorders, psychosis-related disorders, anxiety and depression

Andrea Martin, PhD/PsyD

Clinical Psychologist

Anxiety, depression, life/family work-balance
Self-compassion and self-esteem
Adults, children, adolescents and parents

Annélie S. Anestin, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Cancer-related distress
Chronic pain

Ariel Boyle

Therapist, PhD Student

Anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, procrastination, stress management, and interpersonal difficulties

Candace Kensley

Couple and Family Therapist, BSW, M.Sc.(A), CFT

Couple Therapy
Family Therapy
Parental Coaching

Danit Nitka, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Personality disorders
Emotional and interpersonal difficulties

Jodie Richardson, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Eating disorders (specialization athletes)
Weight managent/bariatric surgery
Anxiety and work-life balance

Judith Perrault, M.Sc. Dt.P


Sports and clinical nutritional consultation, nutrition for eating disorders
Adults and adolescents

Lê-Anh Dinh-Williams, PhD

Clinical Psychologist (supervised practice)

Depression, trauma, work/school stress, bpd, substance misuse, emotional dysregulation, interpersonal problems;
DBT, CBT, ACT, and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy;
Adolescents and adults

Leanne D. Rondeau, M.A., M.Ed.

Clinical Psychologist

Humanist-existentialist approach and Compassion Focused Therapy for anxiety, grief, trauma and shame-based self-criticism.

Lisa Linardatos, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Eating disorders and body image
Anxiety and Depression

Maeve O’Leary-Barrett, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Eating disorders
Adolescents and young adults

Margarita Miseros

Therapist, PhD Student (on leave)

Anxiety and depression
Parental coaching
Children, adolescents, adults

Marianne Lemay, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist

Anxiety, depression, self-esteem difficulties, trauma, and interpersonal difficulties

Marie-Alexandre Ayotte, M.Sc. Ps.Ed.

Psychoeducator, Psychotherapist

Anxiety, depression, relational issues,
eating disorders, self-esteem

Nada Kadhim

Therapist, PhD/PsyD Candidate

Anxiety, mood and eating disorders; depression, OCD, trauma, problems relating to self-esteem and interpersonal issues.

Patricia Paul

Therapist, M.Ed, M.Sc.(A),CFT

Couple and Family Therapy (integrative therapy)
Interracial issues
EF(C)T and CBT

Rami Nijjar, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Sexual concerns, couples therapy, adult ADHD
Mindfulness, self-compassion, emotion-focused therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy

Samara Yesovitch

Couple and Family Therapist, M.Sc.(A), CFT

Couple Therapy
Family Therapy
Individual Therapy

Sara Colalillo, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Children and teens; anxiety, low mood, emotion dysregulation, obsessive-compulsive disorder; parental support; CBT, DBT, ACT, and emotion-focused family therapy.

Simcha Samuel, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Attachment relationships
Mood and anxiety disorders
Pregnancy and postpartum

Stéphanie Correia

Therapist, PhD Candidate

Children, adolescents and families;
Anxiety and mood disorders; adjustment problems; relationship problems

Stephanie Gallant, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Eating disorders and body image, Anxiety disorders and OCD, Emotion dysregulation and interpersonal difficulties.

Stéphanie Landry, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Emotional and interpersonal difficulties
Eating disorders
Anxiety and depression

Tobey Mandel, PhD

Clinical Psychologist (on leave)

Couples therapy
Eating disorders and body image

Vanessa Kurdi, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Couples, families, children and adolescents; humanistic, systemic, emotion-focused, and attachment-based approaches.

Zhen (Jen) Xu, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Offers therapy in Mandarin
Depression and anxiety
Burnout, stress and anger management

Meet Our Partners

Amadea S. Kezar, M.Sc.


Ellen Smallwood

Art Therapist

Ghislaine Badawi (Paris)

Therapist, PhD Candidate

Maryann Joseph, PhD (Ottawa)

Clinical Psychologist

Michelle Leybman, PhD (Toronto)

Clinical Psychologist

Natsumi Sawada, PhD (Edmonton)

Clinical Psychologist

Vanessa Perrone

Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist