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Simcha Samuel, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Simcha Samuel is a clinical psychologist at Connecte Montreal Psychology Group and a member of the Order of Psychologists of Québec. She completed her undergraduate degree in honours psychology at McGill University. Her graduate research was conducted at the Institute of Community and Family Psychiatry at the Jewish General Hospital, focusing on early life stress, attachment and the neuropeptide oxytocin in mothers with and without mood or anxiety disorders. 

She completed her clinical training at several departments within the Jewish General Hospital, including Outpatient Child Psychiatry, Youth Service, and the Teenage Health Unit of the Herzl Family Practice Center. From these experiences, she gained skills conducting cognitive-behavioural therapy with adolescents and young adults struggling with diverse issues including depression, anxiety, academic performance, insomnia, low self-esteem, social isolation, self-harm, and abuse. She also developed skills working with youth and their parents to reduce conflict and improve communication. 

As a psychologist, her primary interest lies in working with adults to explore their attachment relationships, and how relationship patterns in their youth may have contributed to their relationship dynamics in adulthood with their romantic partners, friends, employers, and children. Central topics often include parentification, internalized anger, excessive guilt, shame, and the tendency to people please. Much of this work seeks to promote healthy communication and boundaries within relationships, in an effort to reduce resentment as well as to promote self-compassion and acceptance. Being a mother of two herself, she has developed a particular interest in working with pregnant and postpartum mothers to address some of the fears and concerns that this critical life transition brings up for them. 

When out of the office, Simcha can be found listening to podcasts, trying new restaurants, and doing her best to keep up with her 80-pound dog and two growing boys.