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Better Managing Anxiety: A Group For Teens

This workshop for teens ages 12-16 will help them to both manage and reduce stress levels using concrete and accessible tools that they will be able to practice across contexts and throughout time
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How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen: A 7-Week Parenting Group

Parenting comes with many challenges and can be frustrating! You may be tired of repeating yourself, feeling out of control, and wondering how to get your children to do what you want them...
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Supervision group for dietitians on eating disorders & sport (English group)

A clinical supervision group for dietitians working with athletes and performers with eating disorders. 4 sessions. START: October 2022.
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Supervision group for psychologists / psychotherapists (French group with bilingual discussion)

A clinical supervision group for psychologists and psychotherapists working with athletes and performers with eating disorders. 4 sessions. START: February 13 2023.
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Relationships and Eating Disorders: A Group Therapy

Does your eating disorder get in the way of your relationships? This 6-week online group psychotherapy for adults hosted by Dr. Alissa Rubinfeld will help you explore and learn to better manage relationship...
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Therapy For Anxiety: A Group For Adults

This 8-week group will address the most common anxiety issues and help you learn coping skills to process your emotions, face challenging situations and promote change to improve your quality of life.
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On this podcast Dr. Jodie Richardson and McGill University professor and  motivation expert Dr. Richard Koestner dive into the research exploring why its so hard to stay motivated and change our habits.

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