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Nutritional treatment of eating disorders in athletes: 2-day training for dietitians

This training for dietitians will address the nutritional treatment of eating disorders in athletes/active individuals. NEXT TRAINING: To be determined
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L’image corporelle dans le traitement des troubles alimentaires: Le rôle du diététiste-nutritionniste (atelier francophone)

L’image corporelle dans le traitement des troubles alimentaires: le rôle des diététistes-nutritionnistes. PROCHAINE DATE: à venir
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Treatment of eating disorders in athletes: For Mental Health Professionals

This 1-day training for psychologists / psychotherapists/ mental health professionals will address the special considerations in treatment of eating disorders when working with athletes or athletic individuals. NEXT TRAINING: to be determined
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Online Workshops for Dietitians – Eating Disorders & Sport

Two exceptional and essential workshops for dietitians who want to deepen their understanding of the connections between eating disorders and sport
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Connect With Your Body: A Workshop for Women

Through a variety of interactive guided activities, women will have the opportunity to compassionately re-connect with their own bodies and nurture self-compassion to calm excessive self-criticism.
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Let’s Do Dinner

Do you struggle with eating at dinnertime? Maybe you find it boring or lonely or have difficulty motivating yourself to make dinner? Come eat with us!
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On this podcast Dr. Jodie Richardson and McGill University professor and  motivation expert Dr. Richard Koestner dive into the research exploring why its so hard to stay motivated and change our habits.

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