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Therapy for Anxiety – A Group For Adults


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Connecte Psychology Montreal (202-4203 St. Catherine Street West)


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This 8-week group therapy will address common anxiety issues (panic attacks, performance anxiety, social anxiety, health anxiety, uncontrollable worries, etc). It will be an adapted version of the CBT transdiagnostic approach to treat anxiety disorders. As a participant you will learn to identify your anxiety provoking thoughts, pay attention to self-awareness and self-talk. Also, through exercises during the group therapy sessions and at home you will learn coping skills to process your emotions, face challenging situations and promote change to improve your quality of life. You will benefit from the supportive environment of fellow participants and be provided with an opportunity for exchange, understanding and the practice of skills.

  • The group will be in English but French-speaking clients comfortable in an English setting can be accommodated as well (documentation in English) 
  • Maximum number of participants: 10
  • Exclusion criteria: clients under the age of 21, clients diagnosed with OCD or PTSD and clients with moderate to severe or unstable mood disorders.
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Contact Dr. Annélie Anestin at : aannestin@connectepsychology.com, (514) 569-5567

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Annélie S. Anestin received her Ph.D/Psy.D in Research and Clinical Psychology at UQAM and is a psychologist at Connecte Montreal Psychology Group. The team at Connecte loves writing about ways to boost our mental health and bring psychology into our everyday lives. For more helpful tips, check out Connecte’s blogs, podcast, follow @connectepsychology on Instagram or like us on Facebook.