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How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen

A 7-week Parenting Group for parents and carers of kids aged 2-7

Are you tired of repeating yourself or feeling out of control? Wonder how to get your children to do what you want them to do or to stop them from doing what you don’t want them to do?
We can help! Parenting is challenging and can sometimes feel overwhelming, but there are communication tools that can really make a difference. Come and learn how they can improve your relationship and your life with your children.
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Click here to register for one of our 7-week Groups! Registration deadline on February 29th.
Come and feel supported as you build the tools you need to make life easier for you and your kids:

Help children deal with difficult emotions
Engage their cooperation
Find alternatives to punishment
Encourage their autonomy & self-discipline
Give praise & criticism
Free children from playing roles

Led by clinical psychologists Dr Vanessa Kurdi and Dr Jessica Corbeil, this effective and research-backed group based on Faber and King’s book, How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen has been proven to help parents strengthen their parenting practices and increase their children’s emotional well-being.

For 6-10 parents and carers of children 2 to 7 years old

when and where?

Group 1 – In-Person : Sundays 3:15-5:30 pm, from March 17th-May 5th, 2024, at Connecte Montreal Psychology, 4203 St Catherine St. West, Westmount, QC, H3Z 1P6

Group 2 – Online : Wednesdays 7-9:15 pm, from March 13th-April 24th, 2024, via Zoom

700$ (tax-free, may be covered by insurance)

Click here to register: ☞ Parenting Group registration form 

Registration deadline is February 29th.

What others have said about this group:
  • “The knowledge and techniques from the course have helped me feel free from some of the repetitive battles I was having with my children which were making us all so angry and me feeling so guilty. At first, it felt strange to put the techniques into practice, but I was amazed how effective they could be and how they can de-escalate the familiar arguments. I feel like it will continue to be useful until my children are much older.” – Parent of two children under 7 y.o.
  • “The sessions were well organized and properly timed, and I felt like we had enough opportunity to share experiences and discussions. The main thing I retain is that to improve our communication we need to acknowledge that the children have feelings, opinions and expectations of their own and that we should try to see things from their perspective as much as possible without this meaning that we agree to their every whim.” – Parent of two children under 6 y.o.
  • “I enjoyed having the space to reflect on my parenting style and it has definitely had a positive impact on my relationship with my kids (and their relationship to me and one another). The main lesson I will retain from the workshop is that my children are autonomous people; it has helped me see things from their point of view.” – Parent of two children under 7 y.o.

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You can access our Registration Form here.

For more information and to join our mailing list,  please email Vanessa and Jessica at parents.psy@gmail.com

You can also read our FULL GROUP FLYER HERE.


For further information about the workshop’s efficacy, please see:

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