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Monique Laflamme

Music Therapist, MA, MTA

Monique Laflamme is a musician, composer, therapist and performer hailing from Saskatchewan.  She completed her Bachelors degree in Psychology/Music at the University of Alberta in 2007, before moving to Montreal in 2009 to obtain her Masters in Creative Arts Therapies (Music Therapy) at Concordia University.  She has been gaining clinical experience as a music therapist in the Montreal area since 2010 in schools (Lester B. Pearson Schoolboard and English Montreal Schoolboard), hospitals, rehabilitation centres, and in the homes of clients.  She specializes in working with groups of adults with developmental disabilities, adults and mental health, families, children on the Autism Spectrum, and children and adolescents with ADHD and disruptive behavioural disorders. 

Monique believes in the healing power of creative expression, and that physical or mental challenges should not prevent any person from having this experience.  Her sessions offer her clients the opportunity to develop tools to decrease anxiety, improve social skills, strengthen their ability to communicate, and gain new pathways to self-expression by ‘finding the flow’ in music.  Rooted in cognitive-behavioural and humanistic psychology, her methods are influenced by the Nordoff-Robbins approach, and include instrumental/rhythmic improvisation, singing, songwriting and composition, and lyric and song analysis.

Monique spends her free time being creative in her kitchen at home, practicing yoga, and playing in bands in the local Montreal indie scene.

To book a session, or for more information on music therapy and Monique’s practice, please visit her website at www.flowmusictherapy.com