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Patricia Paul

Therapist, M.Ed, M.Sc.(A),CFT

Patricia Paul (preferred pronoun: she/her), is a couple and family therapist with the Order of Social Workers, Family, and Marriage Therapists of Quebec and a psychotherapist with the order of Psychotherapists of Quebec.

Patricia believes people tend to seek therapy when they struggle to transition from one phase of their life cycle to the next such as after experiencing a loss, and or having to adapt to new circumstances. Her goal with her clients is to support them in achieving their best selves along their journey of life and to explore first with: What is happening in the now?

Patricia started her educational path with a major in Communication Studies (Concordia University). During her first semester in communications, she became curious about consumer behaviour eventually leading her to add another major in Psychology. Following her undergraduate degree, she worked in various community outlets as a crisis line operator, an integration counsellor for people with special needs, a youth worker running after school programs, and at a listening line for low-income individuals facing homelessness.

She later pursued a master’s degree in educational psychology where she led a mixed methods research study about youth’s successful integration to work. During her study, she developed a life skills program for at risk youth to develop their soft skills and help them find meaningful employment. Her research project also prepared her for her internship at Summit School where she collaborated with the work-oriented training team to prepare neurotypical or neurodivergent individuals transition from their studies to work. During all her community work, she developed a collaborative approach to understanding people’s presenting issues noticing it took multiple key members to help youth successfully integrate.

Her love of systemic therapy developed over the course of 10 years of working in marginalized community settings, where she worked closely with low-income individuals and families. She is experienced in working with adolescents and young adults with or without special needs. One of her primary goals with her clients is to empower their sense of self and agency. Patricia is also a workshop facilitator delivering a range of workshops from managing conflicts, perfectionism, and assertiveness.

Patricia considers herself a lifelong learner whose life experiences eventually led her to complete a master’s degree in Couple and Family Therapy (McGill University). She completed her training at the Institute of Community and Family Psychiatry at the Jewish General hospital primarily working with couples resolve and repair their relational issues. She considers herself an integrative therapist with training in cultural sensitivity, emotion-focused therapy, and trauma.