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Stéphanie Landry, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Stéphanie Landry is a clinical psychologist member of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec. She completed her doctoral path at Laval University in Quebec City.

Her interest in the assessment and treatment of eating disorders arose at the very beginning of her doctoral career, when she did an internship in a specialized unit at Laval University. She then completed a specialization at the Douglas Institute Eating Disorders Program during her final internship. In addition to her training with patients with eating disorders, she also did an internship in a CLSC with a diversified clientele. In the same vein, she is currently pursuing her clinical practice in the public health network, which makes her comfortable dealing with various issues such as anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, personality disorders, etc.

All these clinical experiences made her develop a flexible and adapted approach to the patient as well as their problematic. More specifically, the psychodynamic approach serves her as a benchmark for conceptualizing the different difficulties experienced by patients. It also integrates elements of various approaches in psychology, in order to offer a personalized treatment for every patient. It aims to make therapy a comfortable and transparent place, where people feel comfortable approaching their difficulties and emotions. In this sense, Stephanie considers the importance of creating an atmosphere of respect and non-judgment by adopting an attitude of careful listening and empathy.