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Margarita Miseros

Therapist, PhD Student

Margarita Miseros is a doctoral student in School/Applied Child Psychology at McGill University, an intern therapist with Connecte Montreal Psychology Group, and a doctoral affiliate with the Order of Psychologists of Quebec.  She holds a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology from McGill University and holds a graduate certificate in Positive Behaviour Support from Northern Arizona University.   Her doctoral research focuses on visual perception and attention profiles in individuals with neurodevelopmental conditions (e.g. autism spectrum disorder).

Margarita has completed a variety of clinical trainings addressing diverse therapeutic approaches, and has years of experience in working with children with unique needs across school, recreational, and private settings, providing psycho-educational assessments and supporting individuals with learning and developmental disorders, behavioural challenges, emotion regulation difficulties, and parental coaching.  In clinical settings, she has worked with individuals across the lifespan addressing a wide range of challenges related to life transitions, socio-emotional difficulties, and interpersonal skills.

Margarita specializes in working with children, adolescents, and adults facing challenges with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, body image, interpersonal relationships, and burn-out. Given her diverse areas of focus, her therapeutic approach is continuously molded to her clients’ needs, yet fundamentally draws from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness-based practices. 

Margarita establishes a safe, compassionate, and engaging relationship with all her clients.  She is there to accompany and guide each individual on their journey to self-fulfillment, self-love, peace, and happiness.  Further, she is bilingual and can respond to client needs for therapy in both English and French.

Beyond her research and clinical interests, Margarita enjoys reading dystopian novels (oh, that new book smell!) with a glass of red wine in hand! She also enjoys trying out new restaurants in Montreal and spending time with her loud, chaotic, and loving family.