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Leanne D. Rondeau, M.A.,M.Ed.

Clinical Psychologist

Leanne D. Rondeau is a psychologist and member of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec.  She holds a Masters of Arts in Religious Studies from the University of Manitoba which she completed in collaboration with El Instituto Bartolomè de Las Casas in Peru (1991).   She also holds a Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology from McGill University (1996).  She has worked in community organizations, international cooperation, in various sectors of the educational system, and in private practice. 

Leanne first became interested in psychology while co-animating workshops with Peruvian psychologists in her work as an international cooperant in Lima, Peru.  Interestingly this was a time when the country lived through the height of the terrorist activity as well as a coup d’etat.  Her work in grief and trauma is grounded in these challenging experiences and the firm belief that there is nothing to be gained by blaming ourselves when we live through difficult events and loss.  

Since 2010 Leanne has been working in student services in the college system in Montreal.  She greatly enjoys exploring sexual and cultural diversity with students, their relationships with their families and peers and the way they wish to construct their lives and identity.  

Leanne approaches psychotherapy primarily from a humanist-existentialist orientation although she also integrates behavioural, cognitive behavioural, and acceptance and commitment therapy. Since 2015 she has been specializing in Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) developed by Dr. Paul Gilbert, OBE, from England.  She has travelled to Italy and England to participate in two experiential workshops in Compassionate Mind Training with Dr. Paul Gilbert and Compassionate Mind Foundation.  She has animated extensive workshops in Compassionate Mind Training for students and professionals. Leanne uses a humanist-existentialist approach and Compassion Focused Therapy to treat anxiety, grief, trauma and shame-based self-criticism.

In her spare time Leanne enjoys tai chi, nature, art and eating good food with loved ones. As a mother of three adult children (twins born a short year and a half after her first born) she is passionate about balancing home and work life.  And after working hard at it now for over 20 years she thinks that perhaps she is finally beginning to get it right!