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Getting Grounded and Showing Up for You

In this blog post, Dr. Lisa Linardatos shares her technique for "getting grounded" to simply get us to pause and notice, to check in with ourselves.
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Liv. Your life your way

“Life Therapy”; What The &%$!@# Is That?!

Life therapy refers to simple actions that you can do to better take care of yourself. Read this blog post for some tips on how to up your self-care!
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Live colourfully

Avoid Avoiding And Embrace Living!

Avoidance is a way that we protect ourselves from painful or uncomfortable experiences, but if we take it too far avoidance can rob us rich and meaningful experiences too. Read this blog post for tips on unlocking your courage to avoid avoiding and embrace living.
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Moving Through Emotional Pain Towards What’s Most Important: One Of My Favorite Strategies For Staying Balanced And Getting Out Of My Head

We all go through tough emotional pain at some point in our lives. This insightful guest blog from Natsumi from Mindbright shares some very useful strategies for staying balanced and getting through those tough times.
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mug with words "be strong"

Those Times When “Being Healthy”…. Isn’t. How To Integrate Self-Care Into Our Exercise Goals

Sometimes our ideas of "healthy" are influenced by not-so-healthy messages portrayed in media. We may diet and exercise in extremes, and end up working against our goals. In this post, learn how integrating self-care can transform unhealthy fitness and health habits into healthy ones.
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jar with words "go for it"

Want To Change The World? Start By Connecting To You: Part 3

Part 3 of a 3-part series: after identifying your WHOs and your WHATs in parts 1 and 2 of this series on self-care, learn the HOWs of self-care in this final post.
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Love who you are

Want To Change The World? Start By Connecting To You

Self-care is not selfish, it's "putting your oxygen mask on first". Start connecting to your WHYs, your WHATs and your WHOs for self-care.
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