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Living a Meaningful Life

Into the Unknown! Making Big Choices and Life Changes Part 2: A Song of Ambivalence and Uncertainty

Part 1 of this post about making big choices covered some key basics on the how-to’s of decision-making. Here in Part 2, Dr. Maryann Joseph invites us to come along for a deeper dive down into more process-level help for getting closer to a decision when we feel really stuck. 
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Into the Unknown! Making Big Choices and Life Changes Part 1: Basic Decision-Making Strategies

Making life's Big Decisions can be overwhelming, but we can start with smaller steps that will help us build better strategies and use our self-awareness to achieve meaningful change.
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Community and Mental Health: Healthier and More Fulfilled Together

Being part of a community leads to better health and a more fulfilled life. In this blog post, Dr. Lisa Linardatos shares her suggestions and tips for joining communities near you!
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Live colourfully

Avoid Avoiding And Embrace Living!

Avoidance is a way that we protect ourselves from painful or uncomfortable experiences, but if we take it too far avoidance can rob us rich and meaningful experiences too. Read this blog post for tips on unlocking your courage to avoid avoiding and embrace living.
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My Grandma Washed Clothes In A Creek, And I Get Upset When My Washing Machine Breaks: How To Keep Perspective In Our Daily Lives

It's hard to remember to live in the moment and practice gratitude amid the busy distractions and irritations of daily life. Read here for some tips that work to help us maintain a positive perspective, and keep us living in the now!
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travel is good for the soul

4 Reasons Why Travel Is Good For Our Mental Health

Aside from being fun, travel can improve our mood, contribute to our well being, increase our gratitude and have a positive impact on our relationships. Read this blog to find out more.
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US text on wall

“Everybody Hurts”: Countering Loneliness By Embracing Our Common Humanity

Few people, if any, get through life without experiencing the rough stuff – loss, heartbreak, and deep sadness to name a few. In this thought-provoking blog Dr Lisa Linardatos discusses how we can relieve the loneliness of suffering when we recognize and embrace our common humanity; that is, the idea that we’re not alone in...
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Notebook with text "Today I am grateful"

What’s The Big Deal About Gratitude?

There is no question : gratitude has many benefits for our mental and physical health. In this blog, Dr Andrea Martin discusses those benefits as well as how we can teach gratitude to our children.
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The Many Benefits Of Being In Nature

Dr Lisa Linardatos explores our deep connection with the natural world and the psychological benefits of communing with nature.
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The “Values Hack”

Learn how viewing things from a new perspective can transform a seemingly negative event into something more meaningful. Add the "Values Hack" to your toolbox with this insightful blog post.
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