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Lisa Linardatos, PhD, Psychologist

What is gender-affirming care? Some suggestions for practitioners and allies

What is gender-affirming care? This in-depth compendium of guidelines and resources created by Connecte's Dr Lisa Linardatos offers suggestions to therapists and allies to ensure the best support for transgender and gender nonconforming individuals.
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"I love you"

“Holding Space” for Others’ Distress: How to Be There for your Loved One Without Trying to Fix Their Problems

There are plenty of advantages to simply “being with” someone in their distress. In this blog post, learn what they are and how you can implement this in your relationships.
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with all your

Getting Grounded and Showing Up for You

In this blog post, Dr. Lisa Linardatos shares her technique for "getting grounded" to simply get us to pause and notice, to check in with ourselves.
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Community and Mental Health: Healthier and More Fulfilled Together

Being part of a community leads to better health and a more fulfilled life. In this blog post, Dr. Lisa Linardatos shares her suggestions and tips for joining communities near you!
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Words Matter: Helping Kids Foster A Healthy Relationship With Food And Their Bodies One Word At A Time

How can we help children develop a healthy relationship with their bodies, while not making them feel like their self-worth is based on the size and shape of their bodies? Read on to find out!
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Live colourfully

Avoid Avoiding And Embrace Living!

Avoidance is a way that we protect ourselves from painful or uncomfortable experiences, but if we take it too far avoidance can rob us rich and meaningful experiences too. Read this blog post for tips on unlocking your courage to avoid avoiding and embrace living.
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My Grandma Washed Clothes In A Creek, And I Get Upset When My Washing Machine Breaks: How To Keep Perspective In Our Daily Lives

It's hard to remember to live in the moment and practice gratitude amid the busy distractions and irritations of daily life. Read here for some tips that work to help us maintain a positive perspective, and keep us living in the now!
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Choose Yourself While Respecting Others: The Whys and Hows of Assertiveness

Do you find it difficult to set boundaries and ask others to respect them, and to ask for what you need in a way that respects others? If you have trouble being assertive, it may be a sign that you have low self-esteem, lack self-compassion, or struggle with social anxiety. Read on to find out...
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everything has beauty but not everyone can see it.

Bye-Bye Self-Critical Voice; Hello Caring And Helpful Voice! Part 2

This is the second blog post of a series on the self-critical voice. Read more for some tips and trick on how you can practice self-compassion and calm your inner critic.
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