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What Makes us Laugh (When We Feel Like Crying)? Cultivating Safeness with Compassion Focused Therapy

In her thoughtful and reflective blog, Dr. Leanne D. Rondeau looks through the compassionate lens at the connection between laughter and our emotional healing, health and well-being.
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4 Steps To Break The Anxiety Cycle

Anxious thoughts can sometimes lead us in circles, leaving us feeling tied up in knots. In this blog post, Dr. Maryann Joseph explains the anxiety cycle and brings us 4 practical steps we can use to break free.
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Getting Grounded and Showing Up for You

In this blog post, Dr. Lisa Linardatos shares her technique for "getting grounded" to simply get us to pause and notice, to check in with ourselves.
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Back To The Present! One Time-Travelling Hack To Be Here Now

In this post, Dr Maryann Joseph shares a complementary “top-down” approach for being in contact with the present moment. She suggests to start with whatever is precious to you in the big picture of your life to come into closer contact with little elements of the current moment that may otherwise be flying under the...
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A Shout Out To Simply Noticing

When we feel like something’s not working for us, that feeling could be letting us know we want change. Dr Danit Nitka explains how "simply noticing" what's in our way is often the first step to achieving that change.
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Blog Swap – Five Mindfulness Practices To Use Throughout Your Workday

Mindfulness at work! In this guest blog post, MindSpace’s corporate mindfulness program director Jill Graham shares 5 helpful mindfulness practices to integrate into your daily work routine.
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Getting Off Tilt

In poker, a player "on tilt" is one whose emotions have taken over and reduced their ability to make decisions. They lose a big pot, get upset, make decisions in the next hand that are not ideal... and a spiral of negative emotions and poor decisions follows..does this analogy sound familiar? Dr Ava-Ann Allman looks...
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Why Mindfulness In Our Romantic Relationships Matters

Did you know that mindfulness can help improve our romantic relationships? Read this helpful blog post by Dr. Tobey Mandel to find out more!
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Be Here Now…But How? 3 Steps Towards Experiencing Life More Fully

In this blog post, you'll find some tips and tricks for living "in the moment". We all need this in our toolbox!
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3 Simple Mindfulness Practices For Coping With Difficult Experiences And Emotions In Day-To-Day Life

Living in the moment and being mindful can help us cope with challenging situations. Learn mindfulness techniques that will help you cope with difficult experiences and emotions that come up in day-to-day life.
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