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Pressure To Be Productive During The Pandemic And What To Do About It

Feeling overwhelmed by pressure to be more pandemic-productive? You're not alone. Longer isolation has meant more time spent on social media and more blurring of home/work life boundaries, resulting in mounting pressure to be ever more performative and compounding stressors in an already challenging time. Dr. Zhen Xu shares strategies for now, for how to...
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Les vacances, ou l’art de se permettre d’arrêter (même en temps de pandémie)

Les bienfaits des vacances et du repos ne sont plus à démontrer sur la santé physique et mentale. Pourtant, dans les faits, c’est un tout autre défi de s’arrêter pour plusieurs d’entre nous! Et cela semble d’autant plus vrai dans ce contexte de pandémie! L’observation de soi, le non-jugement et le respect de soi peuvent...
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Connected But Alone? A Closer Look At Our Relationship With Our Phone

We rely on technology to make our lives better, simpler, easier..the thing is, real life is messy, demanding and oftentimes uncomfortable. Does our daily reliance on our phones impact our ability to cope in the "real" world? Read on for a closer look at our relationship with our phones.
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Getting Grounded and Showing Up for You

In this blog post, Dr. Lisa Linardatos shares her technique for "getting grounded" to simply get us to pause and notice, to check in with ourselves.
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Liv. Your life your way

“Life Therapy”; What The &%$!@# Is That?!

Life therapy refers to simple actions that you can do to better take care of yourself. Read this blog post for some tips on how to up your self-care!
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Feeling Overcommitted? How To Avoid Feeling Drained And Better Set Your Priorities

Feeling overwhelmed with too much on your plate? Check out some helpful tools such as learning how to say "no" to help yourself feel less drained.
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Those Times When “Being Healthy”…. Isn’t. How To Integrate Self-Care Into Our Exercise Goals

Sometimes our ideas of "healthy" are influenced by not-so-healthy messages portrayed in media. We may diet and exercise in extremes, and end up working against our goals. In this post, learn how integrating self-care can transform unhealthy fitness and health habits into healthy ones.
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Blog Swap – Five Mindfulness Practices To Use Throughout Your Workday

Mindfulness at work! In this guest blog post, MindSpace’s corporate mindfulness program director Jill Graham shares 5 helpful mindfulness practices to integrate into your daily work routine.
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It’s Fall Already?! 5 Ways To Cope With End-Of-Summer Blues

End of Summer blues kicking in? In this blog post, Dr. Simcha Samuel shares some helpful tips on transitioning into Fall more smoothly.
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Want To Change The World? Start By Connecting To You: Part 3

Part 3 of a 3-part series: after identifying your WHOs and your WHATs in parts 1 and 2 of this series on self-care, learn the HOWs of self-care in this final post.
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