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Parenting amid the Covid-19 pandemic: A time to practice self-compassion

We are all going to slip into self-critical talk at times in the coming weeks or months; the challenge is to catch yourself doing it and see if you can practice compassionate self-talk some of the time; that, in and of itself, is an important thing that we can model for our children.
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How Do I Critique Thee? Let Me Count The Ways

Not surprisingly, negative self-talk has a negative impact on our lives. But how do we turn the dialogue around? By learning to speak to ourselves with compassion we can change the dynamic and reverse the damage, improving our lives and healing ourselves in the process.
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Emotional avoidance: Make it go away!

Although it’s understandable to want to avoid negative emotions, either by numbing ourselves when they arise, or wishing we could eliminate them altogether, there are several reasons why this isn’t actually a good idea.
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Less What, More Why

The practice of pausing and asking ourselves why may help us to get in touch with our underlying motivations, so that we can make more informed decisions.
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Michael Phelps: Breaking Records, Smashing Stereotypes

Michael Phelps shares both his struggle with depression and the fight against negative social stigmas attached to that experience. He stresses the importance of social support, motivation, self-worth, and mindfulness to overcome and rise above.
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It’s Fall Already?! 5 Ways To Cope With End-Of-Summer Blues

End of Summer blues kicking in? In this blog post, Dr. Simcha Samuel shares some helpful tips on transitioning into Fall more smoothly.
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It’s All Relative: What Are Social Comparisons And How Do They Affect Us?

"She's this, I'm that", "I was this, now I'm not". Thoughts like these are useful to help us structure our world, but sometimes they can also get in our way. Read more about social comparisons in this blog post.
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Guilt And Shame: The Good, The Bad, And The Self-Destructive

Guilt versus Shame. Guilt refers to thinking your actions are bad, whereas shame is thinking you are bad. Read this blog post to learn more about guilt and shame and how you can learn to cope with them.
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Depression: Techniques To Help Boost Your Mood

Feeling down? Give some of these helpful techniques a try, they might help boost your mood!
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9 Ways To Get Your @#$% Organized In 2016

Dr Simcha Samuel has nine great suggestions to help us get it together and get organized!
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