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Relationships and Parenting
"I love you"

“Holding Space” for Others’ Distress: How to Be There for your Loved One Without Trying to Fix Their Problems

There are plenty of advantages to simply “being with” someone in their distress. In this blog post, learn what they are and how you can implement this in your relationships.
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think outside the box

Purposeful Parenting: Rethinking Discipline

Let us take a moment to reflect on the concept of discipline. What does discipline in your home look like? Read on to learn about "No-Drama Discipline", discipline with a goal of teaching your child.
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Romantic Relationships: What’s Self-Esteem Got To Do with It?

How we feel about ourselves impacts how we feel about our partners and our relationships. Read on to see why this is so.
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How Co-Rumination Turns Healthy Relationships Toxic

What is co-rumination? Why can it be harmful? How can we spot it and prevent it? Read Miriam's blogpost to find out!
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Words Matter: Helping Kids Foster A Healthy Relationship With Food And Their Bodies One Word At A Time

How can we help children develop a healthy relationship with their bodies, while not making them feel like their self-worth is based on the size and shape of their bodies? Read on to find out!
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love people use things the opposite never works

How To Make Friends When You Don’t Have Play Dates: The Importance Of Friendships In Adulthood

Making new friends in adulthood can seem like a daunting task. Whether you've recently moved to a new place or you just feel like you would like to connect with more people around you, this article has great tips for you!
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Pavement with chalk writing "Love one another"

Navigating The World Of Romantic Relationships: How To Minimize Conflict And Move Towards Feeling More Connected

Why does it seem so difficult at times to feel connected and satisfied in our romantic relationships? This insightful blog takes a look at how our own attachment style affects the ways we connect with and understand our intimate partners.
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you got this

Helping Versus Hovering Part 2: How can we Avoid Over Parenting?

Give your children more responsibility, encourage them to get out of their comfort zone! They'll thank you later. Read on for some great tips on how to avoid over parenting.
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Love Family Laugther

Helping Versus Hovering: If You Want To Be A Better Parent, Looks Like It’s Time To Back Off!

Avoiding failure might not always be the best solution...when really, it's actually more than OK to make mistakes! Read about why it might be worth it to hold off "saving the day" for your child so that s/he can learn some valuable life lessons.
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Attachment Theory: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

What is an attachment style, and how does it affect the relationship choices we make? In this blog Dr. Simcha Samuel explains attachment theory and explores how our own attachment style can affect how we give and receive love.
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