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Privacy Policy


All personal information we receive from you is protected by our commitment to prioritizing your right to confidentiality. Our confidentiality policy complies with the obligations defined by Law 25 (Act modernizing legislative provisions relating to the protection of personal information, LQ 2021, c 250) and the guidelines issued by the Government of Quebec (Modernization of the protection of personal information).

What types of information do we collect and how?

Any personal information we collect is done in the following ways: if you leave a message on our clinic’s confidential voicemail, if you send an electronic message to our email or finally, via a request for services by using the contact form (book a session) on our website. The latter is transferred by email to the clinic’s inbox. No personal information about you will be collected by any other means before you begin psychotherapy or nutritional therapy process.

The personal information collected during the first contact with a client is limited to the most essential information required to respond to their request for services. The personal information collected during a psychotherapy or session with a nutritionist is protected by the professional code of ethics of the professional with whom the session takes place. Your therapist will explain their confidentiality policy to you (either before or during your first session), to obtain your informed consent.

For what purposes is this information collected?

A minimum of information is collected in order to offer you the best possible service, while protecting your confidentiality. Our goal is to find the professional who is best suited to respond to your needs. A brief collection of information allows us to ensure the most appropriate fit between you and a member of our team, based on a personalized clinical analysis of your situation, the expertise of our team of professionals, as well as your respective availabilities. This information also allows us to schedule the first appointment with the therapist with whom you will be matched.

We believe it is important that you know how we use your information. We collect, use and disclose information about you only for these purposes:

  • Offer you quality service and follow-up that meets your needs.
  • Establish and maintain communication with you, particularly to schedule the first appointment with the assigned therapist.
  • Allow us to contact you.
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements, including communicating with the provincial order of psychologists (Ordre des Psychologues du Québec), the Privacy Commissioner or any legislative review board, in accordance with the law.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements and the law in general.
  • Comply with a court order in the event of legal proceedings.
  • Invoicing for services provided by the professional and to provide receipt of payment.
  • Processing of payments received from the client by electronic bank transfer.
  • Collection of any unpaid balances.


Obligations related to consent

When you communicate personal information by email, voicemail, or verbally during a telephone call, we consider that this constitutes consent on your part for us to use this information for the purposes described above (to offer you the best service). Once the request for service is received and processed (request processed by a member of our team: psychologist, psychotherapist or supervised doctoral student), a member of the team continues the process with their own assessment and collection of personal information. This information will be stored in a client file created by the therapy provider. This personal information will be protected by the “Regulation respecting the keeping of records and consultation offices of psychologists” and by the “Code of ethics of psychologists” or by the code of ethics of dietitian nutritionists of Quebec.

In summary, no personal data or information allowing you to be identified will be shared outside of our clinic or with any other people, other than certain members of our team.


Information on teletherapy software

The advantage of teletherapy is that we can conduct therapy sessions even when it is not possible to meet face-to-face. Teletherapy is currently offered as an option by most psychologists and therapists. Your psychologist or therapist carries out teletherapy sessions in a quiet and private place, without distraction or interruption, and over a private internet connection, in order to preserve confidentiality.

However, since we must use a teletherapy platform to communicate with each other, this adds a third party over which the psychologist or therapist has no control. It is therefore important that you familiarize yourself with their privacy terms. The technology selected for meetings is Zoom (https://zoom.us/) or JANE (https://jane.app/). The fact that you accept a virtual therapy session (teletherapy) constitutes your consent to us, meaning that you have read and understood the security and confidentiality conditions associated with Zoom (https://zoom.us/fr-fr/security. html), and/or to JANE (https://jane.app/guide/security/list-of-security-features) and that you authorize your psychologist to use this technology for your sessions.

In order to preserve confidentiality and fully benefit from your sessions, you understand that it is your responsibility to choose a place where you will be alone and without distractions. You agree to turn off applications and notifications on your devices, so as not to interrupt sessions. You have been advised by your psychologist to use a secure internet connection, rather than a free public Wi-Fi connection. Finally, sessions cannot be recorded on audio or video media by either party, unless both consent in writing.

Rights of access, rectification of personal information and complaints

As a client, you have the right to access, modify, correct or delete personal information concerning you at any time. To make corrections to your personal information or to update it, to request the removal of personal information from the clinic’s contact list or for any other questions regarding the collection and use of personal information, the client must contact the Personal Information Protection Officer, Jodie Richardson at the following email address  jrichardson@connectepsychology.com

Contact details for the person responsible for the protection of personal information

Jodie Richardson, PhD