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Nutritional treatment of eating disorders in athletes

2-day training for dietitians

NEXT TRAINING DATES: to be determined

Nutritional treatment of eating disorders in athletes: For dietitians (in English)


Next dates to be determined


9am to 4pm



From CA$488.67 taxes included

Register online at: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/390662380697

Nutritional treatment of eating disorders in the athlete and the active individual. ** Training limited to 15 participants in order to facilitate group discussions**

Despite the fact that there are many trainings on eating disorders out there, most of them do not address the unique reality and complicating factors that confront athletes, performers and active individuals.

Eating disorders too often go undetected in the active population. Identifying the difference between motivated training behaviours and eating disordered symptoms can be challenging. Furthermore, certain terms used in sports such as disordered eating or RED-S can mask the presence of an underlying eating disorder.

The treatment of eating disorders in athletes and active individuals also requires a specific approach, taking into consideration the training context and training & competition schedule. Figuring out how to properly manage exercise in the context of an eating disorder can be complex. This 2-day workshop will give you the tools and knowledge you need to achieve these goals.


1. Effectively identify the presence of an eating disorder in your athlete clientele and feel more at ease addressing the subject with them.

2. Define tools to use in treatment, tailored to them and understand the psychological strategies utilized.

3. Evaluate the severity of symptoms in order to understand which other professionals and integrated support team (IST) members to implicate in treatment and when.