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Connecte Capsule #2

Coping with Loss and Sadness

May 12, 2020
By: Dr. Jodie Richardson, Clinical Psychologist

Psychologist Jodie Richardson, PhD on recognizing and processing feelings of sadness that may be coming up for us in these times  🌧💙

Creating a space for our sadness with R.A.I.N –  Recognize, Allow, Investigate, and Notice :

Recognize (recognize the emotion(s) that we are experiencing in the moment) ex. I’m feeling sad 

Allow (Take a pause to feel the emotion and let is be without judging or trying to fix (ex. sit with the emotion versus grabbing phone to distract or grabbing a snack)

Investigate (With curiosity notice what is happening to notice what thoughts and feelings are present ex. I feel sad, my chest feels tight and heavy)

Non Identification/ Notice the thoughts and feelings are here but I am not these feelings/thoughts


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