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Connecte Capsule #2

Coping with Loss and Sadness

May 12, 2020
By: Dr. Jodie Richardson, Clinical Psychologist

Psychologist Jodie Richardson, PhD on recognizing and processing feelings of sadness that may be coming up for us in these times  🌧💙

Creating a space for our sadness with R.A.I.N –  Recognize, Allow, Investigate, and Notice :

Recognize (recognize the emotion(s) that we are experiencing in the moment) ex. I’m feeling sad 

Allow (Take a pause to feel the emotion and let is be without judging or trying to fix (ex. sit with the emotion versus grabbing phone to distract or grabbing a snack)

Investigate (With curiosity notice what is happening to notice what thoughts and feelings are present ex. I feel sad, my chest feels tight and heavy)

Non Identification/ Notice the thoughts and feelings are here but I am not these feelings/thoughts

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About the author

Jodie Richardson received her PhD in Clinical Psychology at McGill University, in Montreal, Quebec, and is a founding member and psychologist at Connecte Montreal Psychology Group. The team at Connecte loves writing about ways to boost our mental health and bring psychology into our everyday lives. For more helpful tips, check out Connecte’s blogs, podcast, follow @connectepsychology on Instagram or like us on Facebook.
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