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Connecte Capsule #8

A Little Self-Compassion Goes A Long Way

December 17, 2020
By: Dr. Andrea Martin, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Andrea Martin invites us to try gentler, more mindful self-talk and see how a little self-compassion can make a big change to the way we feel 🤗💕

“Why is self-compassion a more effective motivator than self-criticism? Because its driving force is love, not fear.” – Kristin Neff

We sometimes speak to or about ourselves in ways that are quite harsh and critical…but would we talk the same way to a friend or loved one in the same situation? No way!

Try mindful and compassionate self-talk:


  • I’m stupid
  • I’m lazy
  • I’m unmotivated
  • I need to get my act together


  • This is challenging for me
  • I’m tired today
  • This isn’t a good day for me, but that’s ok
  • Maybe I can reach out to (person of your choice) to get some support 

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About the author

Andrea Martin received her PhD /Psy.D in Research and Clinical Psychology at UQAM, in Montreal, Quebec, and is a founding member and psychologist at Connecte Montreal Psychology Group. The team at Connecte loves writing about ways to boost our mental health and bring psychology into our everyday lives. For more helpful tips, check out Connecte’s blogs, podcast, follow @connectepsychology on Instagram or like us on Facebook.