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Let’s Do Dinner


Next session start date to be determined – check back here often for updates!


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Connecte Psychology Montreal (202-4203 St. Catherine Street West)


To be determined.  You will receive an official receipt with a psychologist’s license number for insurance purposes.

event description

Do you struggle with eating at dinnertime? Maybe you find it boring or lonely or have difficulty motivating yourself to make dinner? Come eat with us!

Dinner Club is a gathering of women who want to reclaim dinner. It’s a communal dinner in a non-judgmental space, focused on connection, fun, empowerment, and growth.

Each session, the therapist will share some info and tips on relevant topics, including mindful eating, managing difficult emotions, dealing with weight stigma, self-compassion, and meal planning.

Bring your own food! Everyone at the group must eat dinner.

This is not a drop-in group, so please plan to come every session!

For women 40 years old and older. Offered in English.


Check back often to discover the next available dates!

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