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Episode #4:

Weight Loss: Why Is It So Hard?

February 13, 2017
By Dr. Jodie Richardson & Dr. Richard Koestner

In today’s episode Professor Koestner and I put our heads together on the subject of weight loss. We try to shed some light on why losing weight is such a difficult challenge for most people and then look at how we might apply Professor Koestner’s 3 secrets for goal success to this challenge. Too many people are intensely dissatisfied with their weight & believe happiness is just on the other side of some number on the scale. Unfortunately, it is not. That pursuit is never-ending. But we believe it is possible to find happiness, meaning and body satisfaction through a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle geared towards finding and maintaining your “best weight”.

Production by Jodie Richardson. Co-production, mixing and music by Pat Bourdon.

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