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Episode #3:

When Smart Is Not Enough… How To Overcome Our Naturally Limited Capacity For Self-Control

January 19, 2017
By Dr. Jodie Richardson and Dr. Richard Koestner

In today’s episode we dig deep into Professor Koestner’s research and experience to share three keys to goal success. The main reason most of us fail at our resolutions is likely due to our naturally limited capacity for self-control. Goal success is not about proving that we have the willpower to do it, that’s a good way to set ourselves up for failure. Those who succeed at their goals are those who find ways around their need for more self-control by creating personally relevant and meaningful goals, by devising a personally friendly plan of action for carrying them out and by seeking the support of empathic, interested people in their lives. Find out how you can stop trying to prove you can achieve your goals and start figuring out how you can help yourself achieve your goals!

Production by Jodie Richardson. Co-production, mixing and music by Pat Bourdon.

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