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Danit Nitka, PhD

Psychologue clinicienne

Dr. Danit Nitka received her Ph.D. from the Clinical and Research Psychology program at Concordia University and is a member of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec. She is a psychologist at Connecte Montreal Psychology Group and also works at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Her doctoral research centered on social anxiety risk for problematic drinking in young adults. Danit’s clinical training experiences have been diverse and include working at Foster Addiction Rehabilitation Centre, a McGill-affiliated Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy Clinic, St. Mary’s Hospital, and the Personality, Anxiety and Mood programs at the Allan Memorial Institute. Her clinical focus and interests include working with emotional and interpersonal difficulties, anxiety, depression, addictions, and ADHD.

Danit’s approach to therapy is integrative, drawing on dialectical, interpersonal, cognitive-behavioural, acceptance-based, as well as emotion-focused and mentalization-based modalities. Through purposeful collaboration, she guides clients in their understanding of their internal experiences, working with thoughts, behaviours, emotions, and relationships. She tailors her therapy to the individual, fostering connection with self and other. Danit’s passion for psychology has been life-long. She loves to explore how and why therapy works as a catalyst for change in people’s lives, and continues to learn about this with each individual in therapy.

Aside from enjoying her work, Danit appreciates food, family, friends and fun. She loves to cook and share food with loved ones. She also enjoys being a tourist in her own city, discovering Montreal restaurants, theater and festivals.