─ Thrive ─


DATE: Saturday January 28th, 2017

TIME: 8:45 am-noon

COST: 75$ + tx

Place: 4203 Sainte-Catherine West, 2nd floor

Instructors:  Jodie Richardson (psychologist), Nicole Jones and André Gear (yoga instructors) .

***Spaces are limited to 15 people so please reserve your spot as soon as possible.***

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Anyone feel like there’s something they’d love to do in their life but fear is holding them back? More than we’d like to admit fear holds us back from doing the things we want to try in life. Fear is not a bad thing; it is a lifesaver. In the literal sense of the word, fear is meant to save our lives. But too often it is like an over vigilant parent, instead of helping us it is holding us back from experiencing things that may seem scary but are probably in fact positive learning, growing, confidence boosting experiences!

Thrive is a half-day workshop that combines psychology & yoga to help you get out of the box that fear has been keeping you in. The workshop combines teaching and experiential learning to help you try the thing(s) that you’ve been wanting to do in your life and learn how to cope with your fears when they come up with compassion and also sustained commitment to taking action.  

What you can expect:

Psychologist, Dr. Jodie Richardson

Psychologist, Dr. Jodie Richardson

Psychology: You’ll learn a framework for taking action and facing fears. We’ll help you connect to what’s important to you, commit to taking actions that are outside your box (but still close to your comfort zone), and choose to persist in action even when fear comes up and says “get back in your box”. 

Yoga instructors, Nicole Jones & André Gear

Yoga instructors, Nicole Jones & André Gear

Yoga: Through mindfulness yoga, inversions and partner work you’ll experience what fears come up for you when you decide to move outside your box and do things you did not think you could do. Here’s a secret: The fears you’ll experience in this yoga practice are likely the same ones you hear & feel when trying to move towards other unknowns in your life… So, experience getting to know your fears with our support and learn how to persist in action even with them present. A tool that is invaluable for living a full life of experiencing!