Is your phone getting in the way of truly connecting with yourself & others?

As a psychologist one of the most important prescriptions I suggest to my clients is to talk to a friend or loved one. When we share in conversation, we feel less alone, and it makes the hard stuff of life more bearable. As technology takes a bigger place in our world it seems to be pushing out the space for conversation. Instead of turning to a friend to talk about something difficult we can check the likes on our most recent post to get a shot of feeling good. In this ted talk Sherry Turkle talks about how our constant connections on our devices work “like a symptom, not a cure”. We’re constantly connecting to get away from our difficult emotions but never getting what we really need. She suggests how we can develop a more self-aware relationship with our devices, our relationships and ourselves.


Transhealth – Get Informed

People who are transgender face specific challenges and are particularly vulnerable to discrimination and even violence. They avoid public spaces, especially bathrooms, for fear of harassment, and they often face barriers to accessing employment and healthcare. If you're looking to learn more about how to help individuals who are transgender and the unique challenges they face, The Institute for Sexual Minority Health is a great place to start. The institute offers all kinds of resources, trainings, and research-backed information for individuals, clinicians, and organizations. One of its main missions it to address homophobia and transphobia and improve the health and well-being of sexual minorities. Check them out here: The Institute for Sexual Minority Health.