─ Janie Pomerleau ─

Art-therapist, M.A., AATQ

Janie Pomerleau is a graduated art-therapist from the Concordia University Master program. What brought her to art therapy after her graduation in art education is the conviction that art and creation can help in self-exploration, self-growth, and self-healing. She also has diplomas in both art history and psychology. During her bachelor’s degree, Janie won the Charest-Wallot scholarship for her distinction in creation, as well as the Art Saving Life Foundation scholarship for her distinctive hard work in the art-therapy master’s program.

She is trained to work with many types of populations, and she aim to do so with a humanistic, multi-cultural and feminist art-therapeutic approach that puts the individuals in an active position toward their issues by fostering their creativity.

During her master in art-therapy, she did her first internship at the Alzheimer Society of Montreal where she learned a humanistic approach that aims to enhance people’s day-to-day well-being by fostering self-expression and self-confidence. During her second year she joined Connecte Montreal Psychology Group as well as the Women Center of Montreal. At Connecte, she worked individually with women with eating disorders and body image issues. She learned, through art and creation, how it is possible to explore each facet of these complex issues in a safe and positive way. At the Women center of Montreal, she was co-running a support group for incest survivors with a drama-therapist. They focused mainly on fostering empowerment trough artistic self-expression and to use symbols and metaphors to share in a safe way traumatic experiences.

These trainings sensitized her to social obstacles and privileges. Her master’s research paper focused on a feminist art-therapeutic approach to eating disorders.

Furthermore, she has experiences working with kids and teenagers, first as a camp counsellor and then at the educational department of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Montreal. She is also trained in active listening and volunteered in a listening center.

Outside school and counselling, Janie likes outdoors activities, nature and travelling. Creation is part of her life and she especially likes drawing. She enjoys being involved in Montreal’s cultural life by going to shows, exhibitions and events. Additionally, spending time with friends and family is a constant source of happiness and comfort.