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Nicole Jones

Physical Educator and Yoga Teacher

Nicole is a true proponent of yoga practice, teaching and continuous learning. Originally sought to bring balance and peace into her life 8 years ago, she found solace in the yoga community and a sense of belonging. Since this time, Nicole has pursued extensive yoga training not only for personal development, but also to share the benefits she’s received. Nicole has over 750 hours of training in various yoga styles, receiving her Yoga Fit level one training in 2011, Moksha training in 2012 and Moksha Flow training in 2013. She has had the opportunity to study with great mentors, including Frank Jude Boccio, author of the book “Mindfulness yoga” and Mira Shani, international yoga teacher and philosopher. More recently, Nicole completed her level 1 Power yoga training under master teacher Baron Baptiste.

She currently teaches at Moksha yoga West Island, but also seizes any opportunity to teach, practice and learn in other yoga communities. Her passion and dedication lead to recruitment as a yoga ambassador for lululemon. She has a passion for helping her students to embrace their bodies and to create a practice, which emphasizes self-love and self-acceptance.

Nicole also has a degree from McGill University in physical education and health. She is a full time physical education teacher at Dawson College, specializing in fitness and yoga. Nicole has a passion for health and wellness and this is apparent in all aspects of her life. She lives by the saying, in life we cannot control what happens but we can control how we react to whatever comes up.


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