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Considering Single Motherhood By Choice


Saturday, October 2nd, 2021


9am – 12pm


Connecte Psychology Montreal (202-4203 St. Catherine Street West) OR online, depending on public health recommendations.


$130 total

event description

Join psychologist and single mother by choice (SMC) Dr. Sarah Roberts for a unique half-day workshop designed to support women who are considering the option of single motherhood. Over the course of 3 hours you will:

  • Meet other potential single mothers by choice
  • Establish the viability of single motherhood for you
  • Determine where you are in your process
  • Identify some of the pillars to have in place before moving forward

Here is a chance to work on clarifying your vision for yourself and your potential future family, in a supportive environment.

to register

Contact Sarah at smc@connectepsychology.com

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