At Connecte we offer coaching services to help people use the science of psychology to increase their levels of happiness, build resilience, increase efficiency, change crucial habits such as exercise, eating, and sleep, and find purpose and meaning in their life and work through our psychological skills training:



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We’ve taken what we think are the most important elements for psychological wellness and fitness (both from tested and true theories and cutting-edge research) and have made them easily digestible for you. We focus on optimizing Mindset, Actions, Emotions, and Connections through:

Mindfulness: Mindfulness can provide individuals with the tools to improve focus, time management and innovation; better manage stress; and improve interpersonal effectiveness and leadership skills. For more on mindfulness - Mindfulness: An Introductory Guide and 3 Simple Mindfulness Practices for Coping with Difficult Experiences and Emotions in Day-to-Day Life.

Motivation, habits & behaviour: Habits account for a large part of our behaviours and are developed for better or for worse. Learn the best ways to create “good” habits and change “bad” habits both in the workplace and in life. We will also delve into research on motivation to teach you the most effective ways to motivate yourself and others. For more on motivation and goals, refer to our blog post, You Can't Save the Damsel if She Loves Her Distress: Understanding Self-Motivation and podcast episode on The Why, How, and With Whom of Goal Pursuit.

Organization & time management hacks: Learn the most efficient strategies for organization & time management, including morning routines, planning, prioritizing, and goal setting. We will provide strategies to help make big projects more manageable and less overwhelming, including breaking things down into smaller chunks and scheduling time to complete and follow-up on each one of these steps. For organizational tips: 9 Ways To Get Your @#$% Organized In 2016.

Emotion regulation & resilience: Emotions have the power to influence our behavior in a split second, sometimes in a way that is not in our best interest. We will help you understand your emotions and give you tools so that you can deal with difficult emotions effectively.

Maximizing potential, positivity and fulfillment: New literature from positive psychology suggests that happier people are more engaged and productive. Learn various ways that you can be happier and more engaged in your life. For more information, check out our blog post: Want to Maximize Your Potential? Get Happier!

Interpersonal effectiveness: To be an inspiring leader and effective colleague we need to know how to really listen and understand people before responding. We will help you learn how to listen and take other people’s perspectives. We will teach you tools for assertiveness, problem-solving and negotiation that can help you set reasonable limits while staying a team player.

Body connection & presence: Our body holds our potential for understanding & managing our emotions, it is our vehicle for communicating with people, and it allows us to feel energized or not. Learning to develop a good relationship with your body leads to greater self-care and more empowerment. Learn how to relate to your body in a positive way and how to inspire others through your actions and body language


We are specialized in :

Weight management

Habit change (eating, exercise, sleep, TV)

Developing optimal habits

Mindfulness coaching

Body positivity

Goal setting

Performance enhancement

Stress management

Time management  


Interpersonal effectiveness