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In this episode we introduce you to the founding members of the team at Connecte Psychology. Jodie, Lisa and Andrea share tips from the field of psychology that have been personally relevant for them on sleep, parenting and willpower. Tune in and see if we can pique your interest about how psychology might be relevant for you!

Music by P. Bourdon

This episode contains information prepared by or provided by Connecte, Montreal Psychology Group which is solely intended to educate and inform you. It does not provide and does not replace individual professional care and advice, provided in light of your unique situation and needs, by a health care professional.

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Jodie, Andrea, and Lisa are clinical psychologists in Westmount, Montreal, Quebec, at Connecte Montreal Psychology Group. The team at Connecte loves writing about ways to boost our mental health and bring psychology into our everyday lives. For more helpful tips, check out Connecte’s blogspodcast, follow @connectepsychology on Instagram or @ConnecteMTL on Twitter, or like us on Facebook.

Show notes & References

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CBT-i Coach – App geared towards treating insomnia based on cognitive behavioural therapy

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