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Natsumi's Picks

Natsumi's Picks


This short video talks about why trying to avoid our difficult thoughts and feelings often backfires and keeps us “stuck” in unhelpful patterns of thought, emotion, and behaviour. The video talks about how to better deal with difficult thoughts and feelings in way that allows us to work towards the things that are the most important to us and live a more meaningful life.

 The University of California San Diego Centre for Mindfulness

Mindfulness is both a practice and a particular state of awareness that is associated with a number of psychological benefits including decreased stress and emotional reactivity, decreased symptoms of depression and anxiety, and better focus and working memory. This website provides a large number of free audio guides to support your mindfulness practice. It includes guided meditation and yoga practices.

 The Procrastination Research Group at Carleton University

This website contains lots of useful information including blog posts, podcasts, and other resources as well as self-help tips and suggestions on how to overcome procrastination.